8 Glamping Novelties Where You Can Get Engulfed in Nature

22. April 2022
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Not fancying camping and yet looking for adventure, escape from the city and the closeness of nature? Then you should pay attention to places that offer perfect privacy as well as the highest level of comfort. Choose from sustainable wooden cabins, views of the water and gardens growing wild where all the greenery will be just yours, at least for a few days.



If sustainability is your lifestyle, we have a place that will be a balm for your soul. It's a housing container in Vysočina that works on the off-grid principle, which means it doesn't depend on any underground services. The owners call it the KEBIN and besides the environment, they also paid attention to precision design in furnishing and equipment. The result of their work is a truly unique experience for anyone who spends at least a few nights in the KEBIN. The place is perfect for recharging, especially thanks to the amazing panoramic views of the Hejlovský Pond and the absolute, all-encompassing serenity. If you're interested in a more active stay, you can go for a jog around the pond, go for a bike ride, or jump in the pond and have a swim.


Garden No. 7

Do you get nostalgic about summers spent in the gardening colony? You can now re-discover its charm, taken a few levels higher, in Garden No. 7 near Kolín. The little cottage is ideal for two and it is surrounded by a spacious green oasis where you'll feel out of this world. The cottage is cosy; the ground floor has everything you need to cook and you'll sleep in the romantic attic, with a view of the garden. Moreover, you can cool down in the pool in the garden, enjoy your meals on the terrace and sit with a glass of wine in the gazebo in the evening. The outdoor suspended bench and a picnic in the soft grass are the icing on the cake.



Rather than renting a cottage at a campground, rent a whole island! One such island with a small wooden cabin, a sauna and endless tranquillity can be found near Hradec Králové. The owners call it Písník and it offers absolute privacy with a beautiful view of the water surface right from the bed. In addition to that, you'll be sunbathing on the terrace, exploring the nooks of the herb garden, and if you like fishing, this is the place to be. The surrounding pond is great for all kinds of water activities and it's only up to you if you choose paddleboarding or a boat ride. And to get to the island? A bit unusually – on a wooden raft! Leave all your worries on the banks and enjoy this micro-world to the full.


Chata v sadu

Looking for a really secluded place surrounded with woods and meadows that has no neighbours near and far? Look no further. This stylish wooden cabin in the foothills of the Iron Mountains, called a cabin in the orchard, is exactly that. As the name suggests, you'll have a view of the orchard where you can pick different kinds of fruit right from the trees in the summer. When enjoying the ubiquitous tranquility on the terrace, sit in the rocking chair, perfect for some idle moments. Pick the meadow flowers right behind the cabin, pick some mushrooms in the forest, fire up the grill on the terrace and make the most of the long evenings in the outdoors. There's also a wooden tub next to the cabin, perfect for cooling down on hot summer days.



A laid-back approach to life in combination with comfortable living and the art to find something beautiful in every moment – that's hygge, a lifestyle that inspired this little cabin in Ledeč nad Sázavou. The outcome is a masterful combination of 150-year-old floor boards, modern elements and amazing views of the garden. You can enjoy those thanks to the glass front part the house, right after you wake up in the attic or with your morning coffee at the table downstairs. Start the fire in the fireplace in the evening, put a record on and empty your mind of all thoughts. Relaxation is brought to perfection with the cedar wood sauna swaying on the water surface and so you can try to relax like a true Finn.


Forest Garden & Romance

Get the best possible view of the lovely nature around River Sázava and visit the Forest Garden & Romance cabins with your partner or the whole family. Both cabins are in the midst of nature where you can drink clear water straight from the well. Meditate on the terrace, in the Finnish sauna or by the pond with exceptionally clean water. It's only a few steps from the lodging so you can definitely go for a morning swim if you feel like it. Every foodie will appreciate the outdoor fireplace where cooking dinner is an amazing experience. If you don't feel like cooking when on a holiday, check out the nearby Kouty Hotel area where even the most demanding taste buds will find something to their liking.


Chata u Černé kočky

Come spend some time below the wooden gables in the beautiful nature of Czech Canada and enjoy the comfort and tranquil ambiance of the Black Cat Cabin. The stylish interior is a sight for sore eyes as well as the evening view of the starry sky from the terrace. Moreover, the cabin is in a secluded place by a forest so if you bring all you need with you, you can be sure that you won't meet anyone during your stay. Take the breakfast and coffee outside in the morning for a slow start in the fresh air. In the evening, grill something tasty outside or start a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the well-deserved peace. Fall asleep on the cosy and elegant top floor, accessed by a simple metal ladder.


Glampit Bořená Hora

Disconnect from the reality for a few days! The minimalist cabin in the midst of nature has no Wi-Fi and moreover, it is sustainable. It's surrounded with a sunny garden where only the local sheep and goats will give you company. The large windows provide a view of the greenery from the terrace to the bed and it will be the first thing you'll see in the morning. Is there anything more beautiful? The cabin has a tiny sauna and chairs where you can snuggle with a book or a glass of wine. The fresh air and pure nature will do you good whether you decide to spend your time at the cabin or go for a hike through the Central Bohemian countryside.


Hidden Retreat

The trip through the forest will nicely prepare you for what lies ahead – adventure with luxury right on the boundary of a quarry. As soon as you walk through the wooden gate, a breathtaking panorama of a granite quarry with a floating sauna and cosy cabin opens in front of you. Welcome and enjoy the Hidden Retreat, a quarry that is all yours. It might be just temporary but having this beautiful place all to yourselves – even just for a while – is a great feeling. Besides the quarry, you'll also enjoy the private floating sauna on the water surface. You can relax in the wood-heated cedar tub with hot water and when evening comes, grill something good on the terrace with a view of the beautiful countryside. The absence of light pollution brings the opportunity to peek into the centre of the universe and listen to the birds, enjoy the scents of the forest and the green trees all around.


Tiny House Done 

Many of us complain of not having enough space at home. Where to put the bed and the wardrobe; how big should the kitchen be? A group of enthusiasts took the challenge of dealing with a lack of space and figured out what the minimum space one needs to live in a tiny house is. And what can you do in the Tiny House Done? Loll around and relax. Snuggle up in the duvets and watch the outside world through the windows that make up a whole wall of the house. You might get lucky and see a deer or a hopping hare. The rising sun will wake you up in the morning and even the chirping birds if you leave the window open through the night. And if you don't want to just relax all day long (we believe there are some people like that), go outside. The Tiny House is in Smržovka in the Jizera Mountains and there are plenty of opportunities for trips.

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