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In a secluded place in the foothills of the Iron Mountains, in the middle of an old Bohemian field orchard, surrounded by meadows, forests and peace, you'll find the younger sister of the forest cabin. A beautiful wooden house made for escape from the city.
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In summer, have a little swing with a view of the orchard, pick fruit straight from a tree, walk through the flowery meadow or heat up the grill on the deck.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Wooden Bathtub
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2x 50 m2 2x

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Our tips

Peace and solitude

When looking for a place for their second cabin, the owners had one condition. An absolute solitude. And they succeeded. The cabin has no neighbours and there are no other cottages anywhere near. You'll be surrounded with a forest, meadows and peace and quiet.

Original cottage

Admire the charming old cottage that the owners have kept in the orchard, no matter the weather. You'll find a seating area there as well, but no worries, no-one lives there. It's in the orchard to remind us of what it looked like decades ago.

Beautiful scenery

The meadows around the cabin are full of blooming flowers in summer. You can pick mushrooms in the forest. Walk in all directions, near and far, you won't meet anyone - there are no other buildings around. You'll only come across numerous brooks and prancing deer.


Sit on the small deck or on the swing and watch the orchard. The large deck is where you'll find the hot wooden tub. In summer, you can use the outdoor table on the grass to relax or barbecue. There's a fire pit below the cabin with a seating area.

A wooden tub

A hot wooden tub is available on the deck. Heat it up in winter and relax under a sky full of stars. In summer, you might use it to cool down. The wood for heating the tub is prepared for you, all you need to do is relax.

An enchanting orchard

The large orchard is full of old varieties of apple, pear, plum, cherry, walnut, greengage and other fruit trees. Walk through the orchard and pick whatever you like. Sit down on the bench at the old cottage and just look around. When was the last time you did that?

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