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We'll let you in on a secret. In the middle of a small village not far from Nepomuk, behind an heavy wooden gate, there's an oasis of blooming flowers, tall thyme, sparkling birches, pebbled lakes and fragrant herbs. In their midst sits a wood-scented cottage, your refuge in every season.
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The cozy cottage is tailor-made for lovers. In the morning, after an incredibly restful sleep, start your day with a carefully concocted herbal tea blend from the owner Jana. Sit on the covered outdoor terrace in a suspended swinging chair and listen to the sweet sounds of awakening nature.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Nespresso in the Room
Private Sauna
Blooming Garden
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Our tips

Kitchen surprise

Arrive to find seasonal goodies from local farmers waiting for you in the equipped kitchen. Taste fruit jams, honest pâtés and olives - the ideal accompaniments to wine.

Relax your body

An evening of massages may be just what the doctor ordered. Choose from a wide range of massage aids, including the detailed procedure descriptions, thanks to which the pleasant experience will be as effective as possible.

Evening in the barrel

For a quiet and relaxing evening, try the barrel sauna. Then flop down on the deck chairs on the outdoor terrace and watch the sunset with a drink in hand. The perfect end to any day.

Garden gifts

When you're lounging by the pond and suddenly have a craving something good, just stroll through the lovely garden and pick fresh herbs and fruits directly from the stems. They're there for you to enjoy.

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335 01 Nepomuk
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