24 09 18

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Amazing Moravia

As part of the celebration of the founding of the republic, ZUZETA set out to discover the beauty of the Czech Republic. Her first trip was to Moravia. See which amazing places she visited.

18 09 18

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Don't bother to go to hotels, instead visit your grandma

When did you go to the countryside for the last time? Where else to go than K BABIČCE? An old building in the middle of a picturesque village in the most beautiful part of South Moravia has everything.

14 09 18

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Nirvana above the surface

In RODINNÝ DŮM magazine, you can read how to immerse yourself in absolute peace in WELLNESSFISHING, where you will be interrupted only by occasional splashing of carp.

11 09 18

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Harmony of modern design and the Middle Ages

With the EURO weekly we went to Mikulov, a piece of Italy, transferred to Moravia from the will of God, where you simply have to visit ŠTAJNHAUS.

06 09 18

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Modern face of a winery

With EURO weekly start discovering the beauties of South Moravia and let yourself allured with wine tasting in VINAŘSTVÍ VÁCLAV.

27 08 18

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Weekend with everything one needs

Do you want to visit a wine cellar, a beauty salon, have a great dinner, spend an afternoon at the pond, the evening at the spa while not moving at all? Try it the same way as HOLKA ONLINE at GALATEA HOTEL.

19 08 18

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Relax in the gloss of the thirties

The magazine MŮJ DŮM discovers with us a functionalist VILA ČISOVICE which, after reconstruction, awakened to a new life.

16 08 18

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10 hot Amazing Places you do not know yet!

In this article you will find the most interesting news that we have discovered during this summer

09 08 18

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At home in Beskydy

At the EURO weekly we discover another novelty of the Beskydy, a design hotel with great wellness and even better cuisine in ENDEMIT.

09 08 18

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06 08 18

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A fairy tale of modern times

In a quiet part of Lipno you will find a unique relaxing place. EURO weekly has already written about KNÍŽECÍ CESTA.

01 08 18

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9 + 1 tips to cool off in the hot summer

At the turn of the holidays we hit the heat, but we won't complain, this is summer. You better take a look at where to go to cool yourself off and escape from the hot cities.