19 07 18

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Holidays in cottage

Do you want to get lost for a moment, return to the roots, enjoy nature, but not get bored? Do it the same way as ZDENKA TOMIS and go to APARTMENTS CERVENY DVUR.

18 07 18

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Let yourself be pampered in the hearth of Prague

Have you ever tried to become a tourist in your hometown? ANNIE'S SECRETS tested it right in the hearth of Prague in HOTEL SMETANA.

15 07 18

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Spa as you don't know

While everyone was getting ready for Karlovy Vary film festival, ZUZETA set out to Mariánské Lázně to try out the famous services of hotel SWISSHOUSE.

11 07 18

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We are starting new web amazingplaces.cz

We have recently decided to completely upgrade our almost two-year old website. Few days ago we opened our new site to the world.

06 07 18

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Andrea from blof ANNIE'S SECRETS discovered amazing garden in full blossom in FAMILY HOTEL OKOŘ.

03 07 18

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Where to go for a sporty holiday?

The AUDI Magazine along with us chose amazing places where you can try an active relaxation instead of sweet doing nothing. So which sport will it be?

30 06 18

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10 horkých letních tipů na dovolenou z Moravy aneb kam na poslední chvíli...

Mnoho z nás má již svou dovolenou dlouho dopředu naplánovanou, někteří však stále nevědí, kde stráví léto. Bohužel většina kouzelných míst, která na našich stránkách ukazujeme, bývá velmi často obsazená.

28 06 18

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10 tips for last-minute holidays in Bohemia

Summer is in full swing. We have chosen for you the most interesting places in the Czech Republic, where you can find the last free dates. Let be inspired by the Amazing Places and enjoy your summer holiday at full blast.

26 06 18

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Klid na kolonádě

One of the articles of the EURO weekly, which together with us chooses amazing places. Get inspired, experience private wellness, great food and unbelievable service at MAMMA'S BOUTIQUE HOTEL.

24 06 18

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7 tips where to stay in South Moravia

Have a look at places that were chosen by GLANC Magazine in South Moravia. Which one do you go for?

23 06 18

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Magical journey to Amazing Places

How do we choose amazing places? Where is AP heading? Not only this could you read in EGO!, the magazine of Hospodářské noviny.

21 06 18

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Kouzelné místo v Beskydech

Recently, Míša from BLOGES ROBES and her boyfriend did not go to the airport, but thay took the train to explore one of the charming places in the Beskydy Mountains - JURÁŠEK.