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From 1,990 Kč
per night
Many of us complain that we lack space in our homes. Where do we put the bed and wardrobe? How big do we need a kitchen? A group of enthusiasts were not discouraged by lack of space and carefully thought through what is truly needed in a house. The result? Come and see for yourselves.
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The perimeter walls of Tiny House Done are primarily made of wood. The creators tried to be as ecological as possible and work with sustainable resources. There's no room for disagreements in a 12 meter squared space that's only suitable for two people. And what will you find inside? Absolutely everything you need for a weekend stay.
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Grill / Fire Pit
No Wi-Fi
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Adult only

Our tips

Tree for a tree

Not only can you stay in this tiny house, you can also have in made to order. And for each felled tree that was used to make the house, a new one is planted. So a new house for you = a new tree in the woods.

Bakery stop

As you're on your way back to the forest dwelling after an outing, stop for bread at the local baker Mašek, pick up some sausages next door, light a campfire and the agenda for the evening is clear, not to mention perfect.


Don't even bother looking for wifi here, just enjoy each other's company and be in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature.

Eggs on the fireplace

There's no stovetop here, but if you light a fire in the heater, just grab the little egg pan and whip up something magic.

Follow the sounds of nature

In the morning, let the chirping birds gently stir you awake. Open your eyes when you're ready and delight in the sparkling sunshine dancing among the leaves of the trees.

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Nová ves nad Nisou
46001 Jablonec nad Nisou
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