Tiny House Done

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Most of us feel like we don’t have enough free space at home. Where to put bed, closet, where can this huge sofa fit into and how much space is enough to make a cup of tea in the morning? Couple of enthusiasts did not let the lack of space deter them, quite the opposite, actually, they let it inspire them. They thought about how much space is needed to fit in a house all the necessities but nothing more, hence the Tiny House Done. 

How does it work here

The walls are mainly made out of wood and the creators tried to take the eco route and work with sustainable resources. You can not only stay here but also have one house custom made for you. Each tree chopped down for this project gets a tree planted. New house for you = new tree in the woods. You can cross off two things from the life triad: Build a house, plant a tree and create a son. The last one cannot be guaranteed bu what do you know, maybe staying here will be inspiring. 

Where will you sleep

The place sleeps two people, which is plenty in this 12m2 space. 

What can you find there? Absolutely everything you need for a weekend trip. The main thing you will notice is the large king size bed, next to it a table with a fire place, so long winter nights shall treat you pretty well. There is a kitchen as well so you can fetch yourself a cup of morning Joe and a small snack. There is no stove but if you can successfully stoke the tiled stove, a pan and eggs will be your best friends. The bathroom is small but has a sufficient bathroom with a shower and a toilette. 

What can you do there

What could you do in Tiny House Done? A little R&R (rest and relaxation). Tuck yourselves under the blankets and look out of the windows, which make up one whole wall of the house. You might get lucky and spot a doe or a jumping bunny. In the morning you will be woken up by a sun rise and if you leave a window crack opened, you will hear the birds. If you are not into chilling all day, go discover the surrounding area. Tiny House is in Smržovka so there are lots of options for outings. On your way back to Tiny House, stop by the bakery that belongs to Mr. Mašek and grab a loaf of fresh bread. If you bump into some sausages, you can stoke a fire once you get back and the plans for the night are going to be grand. 

What else you should know

  • Should you decide to purchase one of the projects, they will deduct the price of stay.
  • Don’t look for Wi-Fi and just disconnect 
  • The wood for heating will of course be waiting for you
  • The only thing you need to bring is a partner, everything else you will find here

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