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Infinite tranquillity - it's not only the motto of this place, but also an accurate description of what to expect on the island. Endless tranquillity all day long and how you enjoy it is completely up to you. We recommend leaving all the troubles on the bank and clearing your head.
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Písník and the lake are large enough to provide real privacy. Písník includes the island, built and tended to by incredibly skilled and friendly Matyáš. You'll find everything you need on the island - an equipped kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, and a bed for two with a view of the water.
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Winner of the 2022 Glamping
Grill / Fire Pit
Private Sauna
Wooden Bathtub
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Fishing Available


Our tips

A private island

Where else in the Czech Republic can you live on a private island - even if it's just rented for a few days?

Private wellness

Summer or winter, relax your soul and body in the sauna or in the wooden tub. Naturally, with views of the lake

An edible garden

The island has a beautiful garden that the owners designed as edible, so you can get herbs for grilling there from spring to autumn.

Summer on water

In the summer, you can test your balance on paddleboards. They are provided for the guests, as well as a boat for a romantic ride.

Fishing permitted

The local waters are full of fish and fishing is permitted. You'll find the rules on the island: what fish you can take home, what to grill for dinner, and what fish to let go.

A small farm

On the opposite bank, the owners have bees that make honey for them. Sheep graze nearby and if you'd like a farmer's breakfast, just ask and you'll find it in the fridge upon arrival.

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50327 Roudnice
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