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Secluded and surrounded by pastures and forests, the friendly owners Veronika & Lukáš have created an accommodation unparalleled in Czechia. A place where you wake up to a landscape with the sounds of nature and babbling brooks. A place where you’ll want to create, contemplate, or just be. At #NaŽivili, you’ll find four cabins representing the elements connecting you to the local nature.
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Veronika and Lukáš are no newbies – they’ve been renting their excellent van called Share Happiness for several years now. The name of their project perfectly describes what they do with love. They share the joy with their guests and allow them to experience unforgettable times at #NaŽivili.
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Winner of the 2023 Glamping
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This cabin, made for two people, floats on the pond's surface, so from March to October, it can only be reached by a sling. It has a private sauna, an outdoor shower, and a rooftop terrace with views on every side of the world.


The dominant cabin for up to six people is the largest of all the elements and an ideal space for a small group of friends. You’ll also find a private sauna, fireplace and a beautiful terrace with a private tub here.

Goodies in the basket

They do not serve breakfast here. However, they’ll lovingly prepare farm baskets for all guests with homemade sourdough bread, eggs, and specialities from neighbouring ranchers and shepherds. There is also tea made from local nettles and honey from local bees.


The unique glass bedroom makes this cabin the right place for adventurers. Plus, it’s placed in a Sika Dybowski deer park, so you have nature at your fingertips. Even air has its own sauna and outdoor hot tub, which allows you to bathe in the air.


The Fire comfortably accommodates four guests. By its location, it's an ideal retreat for those seeking peace and privacy. An outdoor spa awaits in the form of a sauna with a cooling tub and a private fire pit.

Private cinema

They will be happy to lend you a projector and screen so you can watch a movie in the summer cinema or right on the terrace of your cabin.

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