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You will find everything you have been looking for in a small oak forest. The rustling of grass, leaves and shelter in the canopy of tall oaks. A place where nothing shall disturb you except the singing birds. And when we say nothing, we mean it.
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Don't expect electricity or Wi-Fi at KeepCalm Treehouse. Despite that, there's plenty of romance for you by candlelight and a perfect view all around. A gas stove provides heat. Outside, you can build a fire in the fire pit and roast marshmallows or sausages. The toilet is outside the building in a separate "Restbouda," as is the shower.
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Blooming Garden
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Beautiful treehouse in a place where nature gives a good night. Wake up to the sound of chirping birds, with a view of treetops or a palm tree next to a library of adventure classics that will grab you by the heart.

From 2,900 Kč

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Our tips

Pracice yoga & meditate

The terrace has been built for this very reason. It doesn't matter if you've never practiced yoga – meditate in your own way. Brew some herbal tea, which the owner Pavlína collects, and contemplate.


A word that is perhaps underused and probably shouldn't be used in general. But KeepCalm is synonymous with that word. A place that will let you forget, recover, relax, or just breathe if you let it.

Bike and sneakers at the ready

The surroundings are perfect for cycling and walking. For example, you can follow the paths of the old railway and think about where it led, who rode it, and the stories it tells.

The most stylish shower

You be the judge. If we were the owners, we would patent this invention. :-)

Fancy flying?

How about flying kites? You can do anything you didn't have time for in today's hectic world. Everything will be ready for you.

Family & pet friendly

Both children and dogs will feel like in paradise here, or all of them together.

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