We travelled the Czech Republic and chose the most amazing places for your vacation

Cottages, pensions, hotels, farms, mountain places, apartments and spas.

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Amazing Places in Slovakia

Let's discover amazing places at our neighbours! The best from Slovakia.


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Amazing experience for everyone


City breaks

Walk through the quiet streets of historic cities or let yourself be enchanted with of those who never sleep. Quiet nooks and busy squares. Time travels are full of surprises, get lost is a joy.


Good for groups

Meet twenty-five years after graduation. Celebrate grandfather's eighty with the whole family. Excuse the company for a weekend away from the office. Make sure one beautiful place makes group wonders.


Activity & Sport

The most beautiful view is said to be from a horse's back. Or a golf cart? One is nicer than the other... and it's time for apres ski and a view of the snowy hills ... from the heated pool, of course!


Family friendly

Go to the place where they have boxes full of toys for kids and boxes full of good wine for adults. Go where it is good to be a parent with children on vacation.


Český Krumlov

The curvy streets crouch like a trickle of the princess's hair and all lead to the Vltava River. On the rock the chateau breaks out. Dream? No, you just woke up in the middle of a medieval fairy tale


Amazing news

Modern hotel in the wild Beskydy Mountains. A functionalist villa which is not a museum. Shed as luxury comfort in the woods. And while you are choosing, we have a new amazing place for you.


Dog friendly

Is your dog a family member? Why to leave him at home for the weekend? Discover the places where they will take care of your pet as well as of you.


On board

Drive away from your everyday rhythm to the water chalet or design houseboat, where every wave of space drives you. In silent reeds, you may encounter fish or your love again.


Wedding day

You want to be together both in good times and bad. And what about to promise to be together in beautiful? And also in fragrant, tasteful, lost by the water, in the woods or in an English park...



Camping in nature with comfortable bed and 21st century services: it's glamping. Towns without crowds and nature without mosquitoes. Amazing places where you will experience other things.


Food porn

Treat yourself with experiences in all ways: traditionally, on a wave of modern trends, from local or foreign ingredients. Discover new tastes and new approaches. What is good, you have to try.


Wellness & Spa

Come with us to places where time is resting in bubbles. We've discovered charming wellness experiences for you to slow down.


Stay & Swim

Summer is in full swing. Choose the perfect place to enjoy the sunbathing by the pool or natural lake.


Home alone

Where the birds are going to drink, there you'll find privacy and peace. Stars will become your nearest neighbors. From the purposeless walks you'll return with clean head and the scent of wild herbs.



Residential module to be moored on the water and built on a meadow, a modernized villa from thirties or would you rather experience modern Asia? Choose where to awaken your sense of beauty.


Single track

Sweat and tears will be washed away by more adrenaline of a new singletrail. And when you leave the soul out of your body, let them adjust their wheels in comfort according to your temperament.


Love breaks

It takes two to tango, it tastes better in two. There's a lot to be done in two when your dear half is well tuned. Where do you take her and will you both be enchanted?


Bike & Wine

Ride on a bike between the vineyards and the sun sings a merry melody in the evening rays. You visited two cellars and the ride is not over yet. Set out for a journey of a slow time in South Moravia.


Baby friendly

Here your children will live in clover. Do not stay at home with your children and enjoy the experience! You and your children will have fun.


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