Introducing Limited Offers

27. November 2023
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There are places so magical that we all dream of them. In practice, this means that you sometimes have to book your Amazing Places vacation even a year in advance. But not everyone can plan that far ahead.

The limited offers get you to places that are always fully booked.

We picked the places you like to go and made a deal with them. This consists of releasing rooms for you – our customers, even during the high season. Every month you can book your dream place in advance as part of this special offer. You can always find the current limited offer for a given week in Inspiration here. We have negotiated a unique price for you, even better than the one on the place's website.

How to find out about the offer?

If you are undergoing an "online detox", maybe from a friend or colleague. Otherwise, you just need to look at social networks from time to time. You will learn a lot of interesting information about the magical offer directly from us or the influencers we work with. We give you great tips on what to visit nearby and what not to miss. With information from influencers, you will already know exactly which massage to go for and which cafe makes the best flat white. Once you notice something like that on the networks, it's bound to be a special Limited Offer, and a clear instruction to action –visit the Amazing Places website, book your stay, and enjoy.

And what if the weather is no good?

As much as we'd like to, we can't influence the weather. Therefore, we choose places that you can enjoy even when the weather is bad. Not a fan of going outside? Simply enjoy yourself indoors. After all, spending the day in a bathrobe is an experience that everyone should try once in a while. Our selected amazing places offer interesting wellness or sports activities. You can enjoy wine tasting, try local delicacies, or just laze around with a book.

The Limited Offer is an elegant solution that will get you to inaccessible places before anyone else. Just be on the lookout and notice when and where they appear. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and stay alert!

It’s ON! The limited offer has been revealed. If you want to learn more about the place, take a look at our latest review.

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