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From 3,580 Kč
per night
When’s the last time you did exactly what you wanted? Zikmundov makes doing just what you want possible every day, all day long. Sleep through the morning and don’t worry about missing breakfast - they’ll save it for you. Whenever you work up an appetite, you can enjoy a delicious meal or snack, accompanied with a tip for the best wine pairing. It’s a paradise that you simply must experience. 
Collect experiences, not things.
Be charmed by the variously themed rooms - Under the Hearth, Aeronautics, Mirror, Aquarium, At the End, Beech, Over the Stables, Above the Horse Barn and Solitude. All are designed with deliberate precision, feature hand-printed wallpaper and cement tiling, and offer organic toiletries in the bathrooms.
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Winner of the 2019 Guesthouses
Winner of the 2022 Guesthouses
Pet friendly
Homemade Breakfast
Private Sauna
Wooden Bathtub
Outdoor pool

Our tips

Home cooking

Zikmundov is part of a still functioning farm with vast pastures and rich sources of natural ingredients. Your plate will be adorned with meat of the highest quality, fresh vegetables and seasonal herbs.


Your evening experience will be enhanced by the OFYR grill, which transforms barbecuing into a master art, and by the liquid gifts of the wine cellar.

Organic beauty care products

Each room is supplied with natural and healthy beauty care products made by Míša Vaněčková from herbs that grow in the surrounding area.

Into the saddle

Fond of horses? No matter how adept you are at riding - whether you’re a novice or a pro - the friendly staff at the local stables will gladly adapt the hour-long horseback ride to your skills and comfort levels.

Venture out

When you get the itch to explore, visit Buchlov Castle, the Chapel of St. Barbora or the Buchlovice Chateau. For a smoother, more relaxing ride, rent Zikmundov’s e-bikes.

Iconic lookout

Eager for a longer hike? Let the Salaš lookout be your destination for a hearty 7km walk - but don’t forget, it’s another 7km back!

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Staré Hutě 93
686 01 Staré Hutě
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