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Modern architecture meets wine, food and, above all, a heartfelt approach to hospitality. The owners, who cultivate 11 hectares of vineyards themselves, know that grapevines need meticulous care to produce the perfect wine - just like providing their guests with a friendly atmosphere is the key to creating a unique environment and unforgettable experience. 
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The hotel occupies the top floor of the winery, located in a peaceful part of the village Čejkovice, not far from the local castle. A designer and minimalist interior will dazzle anyone who appreciates modern style. Waking up in one of the spacious rooms will mean starting your day with a beautiful view over Čejkovice and vineyards as far as the eye can see.
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Our tips

Everlasting morning

Any morning that you don’t have to prepare your own breakfast deserves to be indulged and drawn out, perhaps indefinitely…

Winsome wine

Winery Škrobák is family business, with its own approach to wine-making. The result? Truly stellar wines.

Wine Bistro

Visit the resident bistro for a cup of delicious Italian coffee and homemade dessert. Will it be a cream puff or an honest Moravian koláč? Or maybe both?

Design and architecture

The mastermind behind the remarkable building is architect Ivana Dombková, known for her clean lines and thoughtful design.

Your big day

Are you a wine lover looking for a place for your special day? Somewhere that will take care of you and prepare a decadent tasting for your guests? You've found it.


Take a stroll through the village, home to the well-known organic herbal company Sonnentor, as well as many cozy wine cellars.

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Příhon 942
696 15 Čejkovice
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