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This 'fox hut' combines a beautiful design, absolute privacy and relaxation in the outdoors. The mobile hut is surrounded with the beautiful countryside of the Central Bohemian Mountains and it is as green-friendly as can be. FoxHut 'in the meadows' is completely self-sufficient and does not have to be connected to any networks.
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Self-sufficiency: that's what we like the most about this 'fox hut'. Everything is provided by nature. Bringing you into the centre of nature is definitely the main idea of the project. From the solar panels, through the ecological and biodegradable resources to the fact that the owner carry barrels of water to the hut.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Wooden Bathtub
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Cycling Trail
3x 25 m2 3x

From 4,100 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

Privacy first

The lovely countryside of the Central Bohemian Mountains is an attraction in itself. The beautiful location of the hut is a secret; you'll learn where it is when you book it. We can only tell you this much: it's near Litoměřice. This place deserves to be kept secret.

Self-sufficiency and utmost respect for nature

This is the motto of FoxHut and we completely endorse it! You'll find solar panels at the hut, wood is used for fire or you can use gas if you don't feel like feeding it. Both for cooking and heating

Not sure what to do?

You'll find a book of trips, including a 'good night' trail which you can take around the hut before bedtime; we've done it and we recommend it! But there are other trails, some shorter, some longer and some are all-day trips for serious hikers.

A place where you can rest

Reading a book under the stars, doing yoga in the grass, drinking wine in a hot tub or walking through the local pastures. Everything is possible.

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