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Fancy a stylish boutique hotel for adults amidst the breathtaking nature of South Tyrol with endless views of the surrounding valley lined with majestic mountains? No problem, we have one just for you. And believe us when we say this place is absolutely amazing.
Collect experiences, not things.
The bold idea of the owners, Marie and Nicola, to reconstruct a family-owned guesthouse and create something unique has borne fruit. At first sight, La Cort My Dollhouse looks like a nice hotel on the foothills of the Tyrolean mountains but don't let it fool you.
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Homemade Breakfast
Outdoor pool
Adult only
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Our tips

What time is it?

Time doesn't matter here. Let it flow. Enjoy your breakfast in the late morning hours, there's no need to hurry. Take a stroll through the local woods and when you get back, enjoy the delicacies they serve every day between 4 and 7 p.m.

Honesty Bar

Night life has no limits here. You can make a drink in the local 'Honesty Bar' even after nine p.m. after the hotel staff has left. Just tell them what you used to make your evening more interesting and pay on the following day.

Fitness & Wellness

The local Gym&Tonic fitness centre might be small but it's sufficient for some stretching. You can relax in the wellness centre where you'll find, besides the sauna, a beautiful infinity pool with unbelievable views.

Small, but cute

The hotel only has 26 rooms and moreover, it's adults only - only children above 14 are permitted. You won't find any crowds here; you will get the deserved peace and quiet.

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Via Pineies 18
39040 Ortisei
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