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Only an hour away from Prague, on a meadow amid the South Bohemian woods, a small holiday village called Malý Oslov can be found. It will become your home for a few days, with its amazing view of the confluence of rivers Otava and Lomnice - a place where you can lie down in a meadow, listen to the birds singing, swim in the pool, read a book, play with children, go fishing, pick mushrooms, or just sleep all day.
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The village has twenty-one colourful houses of different sizes, some for two, others for eight people, with a total capacity of 80 people. It's an ideal place for weddings, corporate events or family celebrations.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Blooming Garden
Outdoor / Indoor Playground
Wedding Venue
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Outdoor pool
19x 25000 m2 19x

A great group getaway in nature with unique facilities incl. Podcast studio, Atelier, Shisha-Hut, Massage room, Playstation House, Gym and much more. The entire area with an area of 25,000 m2, 20 tiny houses and a main common southern-style lodge with professional fully equipped kitchen, bar, large lounge area with fireplace and covered heated terrace just for you.

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Something for everyone

You can choose from several cottages - there are six romantic cottages for couples, nine larger cottages for families, four cottages for a group of friends and a large cottage with a common room and a covered terrace where six people can sleep.

A wedding with all it takes

At first sight Malý Oslov is a place ideal for your wedding; not only with its beauty, loveliness or photogenic character, but also with its practical advantage: everything can happen in one place.

Weeklong stays

Are you looking for a place for a weeklong training camp, seminar or workshop in nature where you can choose if you'd like to make your own food or do you prefer a stay with catering? They'll prepare everything according to your needs.

In the cottages

The cottages have an electric kettle, a refrigerator, a double stove and all you need for cooking and eating, fragrant bed linens and towels. There's electricity in each cottage but no water; you can get water in the village. The new bathrooms are shared, can be locked and are large enough for one or two persons.

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Oslov ev. č. 47
398 35 Oslov
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