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Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in a charming, eighteenth-century château? You dream can easily come true. A short distance from Prague, in a small village called Trpísty, you can try to escape into a real château life.
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Let yourselves be surrounded by the ease and elegance of the aristocratic countryside. All the rooms of the large suite breathe space. Relax in a canopy bed, under the stucco ceiling, with a view of a fresh and carefully maintained garden park.
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Homemade Breakfast
Blooming Garden
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Excellent Food
3x 140 m2 3x

The Suite Grand Jardin is hidden in the Château Trpísty and forms its entire wing.

From 8,000 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

A special night

Dreaming about a perfect wedding night? Celebrating an anniversary? Or just wanting to celebrate your love? Look no further. Suite Grand Jarding is an ideal romantic place for the newlyweds and everyone in love.

Perfect privacy

Suite Grand Jardin is tucked away in one of the wings of Château Trpísty. If you wish, you can get absolute privacy, peace and quiet at the château.

French pampering

Do you want to forget about the reality, disconnect, contemplate and meditate undisturbed? The château will transfer you into another world and indulge you in the relaxation you deserve.

Breakfast picnic

Wake up a bit earlier, open the massive door to the château garden, grab the picnic blanket and enjoy the served breakfast in the warm sun. Or snuggle up in the duvets. Can you smell the French press and warm croissants?

It's tasting time

Be curious and ask the owners about a tasting dinner served in the lounge in the other wing of the château. Candelabra and period serving guaranteed.

One day is not enough

Suite Grand Jardin is unique and its high quality makes it one of the amazing places where you should spend at least a few days. You'll love coming back.

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Trpísty 1
34901 Trpísty
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