Pension Grantl

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Pension Grantl is a semi-timbered house in Šumava with elements of rural renesance. Its location on the edge of Kašperské mountains is a great combination of historic city and beautiful nature. The house dates back to the beginning of 20th century, the current owners have reconstructed it in 2019 and aside for their private apartment built three spacious suites. 


  • Luxury bed
  • Parking
  • Skiing
  • Wifi
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How does it work there?

Why the name Grantl? It got its name after the Panna Marie Klatovská chapel, which is right by the cottage and everyone calls it Grantl, an old German name. The atmosphere of the first republic is accompanied by modern elements, such as TV in each apartment along with high speed internet, kitchen with induction stove, microwave with a grill, dishwasher and a toaster. 

Where will you sleep

Guests can stay in three apartments. Two of them sleep four people and the third one sleeps eight. Quadruple suits have a bedroom with king size and two additional people can stay on a sofa. Fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with a shower and a porch with a view of the Amálino valley are just few of the perks. The largest room is great for two families with kids or a group of friends. No worries that there will be a long line for the bathroom in the morning, there are two. 

What can you do there

As the owners say “After you experience Kašperské mountains, it is time to warm your behinds”. You can do so in the basement spa with Finish sauna and after, jump into the cooling barrel and relax in the rocking chairs. What more can you enjoy? The amazing hot bath in a steam barrel with a breathtaking view of the Amálino valley. Did you forget your book on a nightstand back home? You can borrow any book they have at the cottage. After taking a “tour de Kašperské mountains” put something tasty on the outside grill and have a nice feast under the stars. The garden is beautifully kept up, full of roses, just waiting for you to spend lazy Sunday afternoon in. 

What else you should know

  • Guests are greeted with a welcome drink
  • You can park right by the cottage
  • Wi-Fi is throughout the building
  • Please, don’t bring your pets with you
  • The cottage is not suitable for little tykes but they can, of course, come along

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