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Experience the true Moravia and choose the phenomenal Opilé Sklepy, with its award-winning architecture, as your home away from home. On the hillside below Velké Pavlovice, stands a row of 15 striking, fairytale houses. This original South Moravian wine street has become a tourist attraction for locals and visitors alike. Be one of the lucky ones who gets to experience one of the three rentable magical homes from the inside.
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In each apartment house, you'll find a ground floor dining room with a massive oak table and a designer light fixture overhead - the perfect spot for gathering over breakfast and dinner. Your sleeping quarters will be upstairs in two double bedrooms with big windows, so that you can wake up to dazzling, incomparable views. In the evening, take advantage of the vaulted, vintage wine cellar full of local wines.
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Wine Cellar
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The interior colorfulness of the tiling, cladding, wiring features and textiles all mimic the colors of the exterior of each house.


The playful colors of the houses and their nontraditional layout and structure were rewarded with a prize of Building of the Region.

Wine cellar

The underworld of each house conceals a vaulted, vintage wine cellar with a tasting table.


If you plan on wine tasting with rigor, we recommend choosing Opilé Sklepy as your accommodation. The uniquely colorful houses shine bright like a lighthouse to guide you home - you can't overlook them, no matter how many glasses you've had.

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Pod Starou horou 1
691 06 Velké Pavlovice
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