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Do you know Poznań? If so, look at our discovery there, the Ilonn Boutique Hotel. If not, we envy you a little. It is precisely the city that you will enjoy getting to know. It is picturesque and historic, with lots of specifics and exciting possibilities. Whether you are heading to Poznań for a city break or stopping on your way to the Baltic Sea, it's sure to catch your eye.
Collect experiences, not things.
The historic brick building of the Ilonn Boutique Hotel houses 14 modern and elegant apartments with a minimalistic yet cozy design. Sufficient space, daylight, and perfect tranquility in the city center make the apartments ideal for relaxing and recharging your batteries. The equipment of the apartments is thought out to the last detail; a kitchenette and a comfortable relaxation area are a matter of course.
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Pet friendly
Wheelchair Accessible
Baby friendly
Historical city centre
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Our tips

Take your time

A breakfast buffet awaits you until 13.00. Enjoy a slow morning, and take your time.

Poznań on the bike

Bike rental is also available for guests; take advantage of the chance to explore the city with the wind in your hair!

Daily dose of exercise

If you can't collect ten thousand steps while walking around the city, don't despair; catch up with them in the hotel fitness center. There are plenty of options for exercising.

Evening relaxation

You can reliably ward off any fatigue in the hotel sauna. Try the cult beer with raspberry juice or the locally produced cider for refreshment.

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Give your loved ones an adventure in one of more than 300 amazing places by purchasing a luxurious voucher. The voucher can then be used to pay for your booking.
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Ulica Limanowskiego 15
60-744 Poznań
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