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OOTOOLNO - a levitating cabin, suspended from the tops of the trees in an absolutely one-of-a-kind, noninvasive manner and with a stunning, sophisticated design. Reconnect with your inner child and discover the magical secrets of the forest. Its intoxicating smells, its serene sounds, its steady rhythm. And the night sky won’t just shine with a five stars - it will scintillate with five million stars directly overhead. 
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You’ll find this cozy cabin in the Vysočina region. Its exact locale, however, is a secret. After your reservation is confirmed, you’ll get all the necessary info. Take it like a game - a game of finding and enjoying a deserved escape from reality, of being alone with yourself or a loved one.
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Our tips

Views every which way

Both the terrace and the interior space with several transparent surfaces offer breathtaking vistas. Watch as the forest goes to sleep, wakes up, reveals some mysteries and keeps others forever hidden.

Live water

A sink with running service water makes the kitchen friendly to use and no shower is available. But a charming creek is a mere stone’s throw away and is great for a refresh.


Not just yourself, but also your phone. The eco-minded cabin uses solar energy, which powers your light sources for the dark night and enables you to charge your phone through a USB outlet. No classic electrical outlets are available.

Terrific for two

The levitating cabin is ideal for an adult twosome who will not take fright at the 4 meter ladder that you must ascend to enter.

Food & drink

Please bring drinking water and food along with you. The cabin’s kitchen is equipped to prepare cold meals and boil water, and a thermobox is available for food storage. You can, of course, also visit the local restaurants - we’ll give you tips on where's best.

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58851 Batelov
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