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Galerie Mlýn Žeraviny is a place of indescribable atmosphere—where the past meets modern elegance. The dominant feature is the local watermill, built in 1447, whose history and interior the owners will be happy to introduce you to. Head to the southern border of the Czech Republic and get to know the quality and care on your own. We have done so and highly recommend it.
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This low-key, industrial hotel with numerous facilities and a garden contains ten luxurious rooms. Additionally, there is a restaurant and a spa. For your peak and undisturbed experience, the hotel is reserved for adults only. There is a separate entrance to the rooms and a staircase to the first floor, where you will find a large glass hallway with sofas. They take care of the equipment here.
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Wine Cellar
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Our tips

Czechoslovak cuisine

At the foot of the White Carpathians, in a small village, grew beautiful accommodation and a restaurant whose concept is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding guests. If you are a hotel guest, your seat in the restaurant is automatically reserved throughout the day. You can look forward to mainly Czechoslovak classics prepared in a modern way.

Unforgettable service

We're not exaggerating. You won't find a friendlier atmosphere. The owners are heartthrobs who care about the satisfaction of their guests. Expect an authentic experience and a magical place to return to.

In honour of Miroslav Navrátil

The talented artist and designer Miroslav Navrátil once lived and worked here and left behind many precious art pieces, including old documents and photographs. He was also one of the most crucial seating furniture designers of his time. Photographs of chairs and armchairs adorn the hotel walls in his honour.

Rich history

The mill is a story of the past intertwined with the present. The unique and timeless modifications made by the previous owners are precise to the smallest detail. Each part of this place tells its own story. The exhibition is still being completed, but you will soon be able to see it.

So many possibilities

Explore the surroundings. By car, on foot or by bike, it's up to you. The Baťa Canal and the Radošov lookout tower or the famous Kuželov windmill are worth a visit. A beautiful trail also leads through the wine cellars of Plže.

In summer

In warm weather, you can cool off in the biotope pool in the middle of the garden. You can order a champagne or a mixed drink and enjoy.

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