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It's a house of dreams, a house from another world... This unique building, resembling the legendary Ark, grew in Nezvalova Street. Inside is a smart hotel that almost doesn't need any staff and welcomes especially couples. The cosy rooms have all you need for a pleasant stay and the shared areas are also quite generous. The exterior and interior of this unusual building were designed by visual artist Jiří David. Come for a little tour with us...
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"It's based on the biblical story, the Noah's Ark accepted a pair from each species. We also focus on couples. Our wish is to create a place where everyone feels at home," Marek Novotný, the mastermind of the whole project explains.
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Our tips

Refrigerators full of food

You can choose if you'd like to cook a tasting menu from local ingredients or have a freshly prepared sandwich.

Read a book

Read one of the books from the local library, cosy up on the couch and relax.

Your favourite detail

The hotel is full of artwork and small details you might not even notice at first sight. Walk through the hotel slowly and look for poems on the walls, nails that shine in the moonlight and other small, beautiful things.

Rooms where everything fits

The rooms are quite small but designed in a way that doesn't prevent you from bringing skis or a huge teddy bear.

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Nezvalova 3
77900 Olomouc
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