Krumlovský mlýn

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Do you wish to experience atypical housing right in the mill? Than Krumlovský mlýn is the place for you. The name of these luxury apartments comes from their location - right in the old mill. Wooden beams and navy motifs are present in both of the two apartments. The owner Marek Šimon has built the apartments himself - "The design was created by the space itself because the old mill is a large and spacious building. The most important thing for me was to keep its character and not to destroy it", explains the reasons that led to the current design.


How does it work there

When you arrive, you will know right away that it is not a hotel like any other. The owner will pick you up first. Before arriving at the apartment you will go through a souvenir shop. For breakfast, you will have to go little ways but your reward will be a unique morning walk through the quiet town without tourists and noise.

Where will you sleep

In both apartments you will sleep in wooden beds, which are super original. They are suspended in the air by solid iron chains. But you do not have to worry about swinging in your sleep. The comfortable beds are attached to the floor from below.

What can you do there

Right in the apartment you can take it easy and relax in royal style. You can spoil yourself in a spacious Jacuzzi. In Apartment number 2, you can also watch the plasma TV right from the Jacuzzi, because the bathroom has glass walls. If you decide to read, use a large library that is full of Czech and foreign language books.In addition to the tour of Český Krumlov, you can also go to nearby places such as Hluboká, Rožmberk, Kleť or Červený Dvůr.

What else you should know

Apartments are non-smoking.

Wi-Fi is fast and reliable.

Credit cards are no problem.

Breakfast is not included.

Pets must stay home.


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