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Welcome to the unassuming town surrounded by the Žďárské vrchy Hills, where you can now find an extraordinary place - Just Jimramov. The house, dating from the second half of the 19th century, has been enhanced with a unique design so that its heritage value is not compromised.
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Six rooms are waiting for you. Each of them will tell you a slightly different story. Stay with your family in the first apartment on the ground floor and enjoy a large kitchen, living room, two stoves and a bedroom. The spa is just a few steps away.
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Wine Cellar
Wooden Bathtub
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Excellent Food
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You will find it in the former stable building right in the yard. It is private, so be sure to book it in advance. The wellness features a Finnish sauna, a cooling pool and a relaxation area.

Where to go

Visit Litomyšl, a picturesque town called the Mecca of architecture in the Czech Republic. Head to the Žďárské vrchy Hills, to Žďár nad Sázavou, to the Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk at Green Mountain by the architect J. B. Santini.

Innovation and sustainability

“The golden Czech hands” is not just a saying. Studio windows in the attic, fire extinguishers, 3D printing of concrete, green walls, and much more are innovative approaches to traditional crafts. The project manages rainwater economically and reuses and brings in materials such as glass and concrete.

At Just

The story of the whole house reconstruction is hidden in these two words. The project was created in defiance of the Czech petty bourgeoisie, from the traditional understanding of things to modern architecture in a listed building.

Delicious cuisine

You can enjoy delicious meals in the local restaurant directly in the guesthouse. The restaurant's motto is “The quality is honesty in disguise”, and they will serve you seasonal ingredients from local suppliers.

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nám. Jana Karafiáta 69
59242 Jimramov
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