Vodní domky Čejkovice

Simply lie in a hammock with a book, try your hand at fishing and see if you catch dinner! Watch the birds, listen to the silence and enjoy the perfect relaxation of doing nothing in a house situated on water.

Price from2190 CZK Building /night

Capacity 6 osob


Where you'll sleep

There are three houses, each in a different style, with all three accommodating two adults. Enjoy a comfortable bed, a wood-burning stove and a terrace surrounding the house equipped with hammock or armchair. You won't need anything else. The bathroom is located a little further from the house, but is private for individual accommodation.

Things to do

The area is the embodiment of peace and is in perfect harmony with nature. Enjoy a pleasant moment hanging out on the terrace, turn off your phone for a while and leave your work at home. The houses have equipment for fishing, so simply cast a line and, in the evening, grill your freshly caught fish during a magical evening for two. When was the last time you took some time for you?

What else you should know

The area is not fit for children, so best to leave them with the grandparents

Don't want to arrange breakfast? Order a continental basket with morning delivery

There is no wifi available; believe me, you won't need it

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