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When we were little, we longed to have a tree house. A place where no adults could enter and was only ours. We would spend all of our free time at friends’ who had one and just silently wished we had the same. Times have changed and our opportunity to sleep in tree tops is here. 

How does it work here

Sleeping outdoors or in a tree used to be only a summer thing. Thank goodness, thanks to modern technologies that is no longer the case. You can regulate the heat with gas stove so no worries, you will not be cold. Stromhouse has a beautiful terrace where you can have breakfast. In the morning the owner prepares your breakfast and puts it in a picnic basket tied to a rope and you can just pull it up. Fresh bread, home-made jam or deli products from local farm. 

Where will you sleep

Stromhouse is perfect for two people. You can sleep extra person but isn’t it more romantic in two? The space has a massive wood bed destined for beautiful dreams. There is also seating area, small kitchen with tea kettle and a sink so you can wash up in the morning. Don’t you just see yourself sitting on the terrace, looking at nature and forest animals with no noise around, just a lantern lit up on the table? 

What can you do there

For many people sleeping in a place without electric and Wi-Fi is unimaginable but we really appreciated it. Originally, we planned to take trips and go hiking but once we got there, we never left the treehouse and just enjoyed the peace and quiet. The treetops do not allow sun through so you can read all day and not get fried. Under the tree there is a fire pit so plans for most people are pretty clear. You can visit Sázava town, take a walk to St. Prokop chapel or rent bikes and visit Český Šternberk. 

What else you should know

  • Don’t look for Wi-Fi or electric, it is not here. 
  • Please, rather leave your beloved pet at home.
  • In freezing days and nights, bring extra warm clothes with you, the stove might not heat the house as much as you are used to back home.
  • Breakfast is included in price of the accommodation

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