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Pyskočely beckons you to see, perhaps for the first time ever, a classic native American abode in real life: a teepee. This is no ordinary teepee though, what with all its amenities, features and beautiful wooden furniture. Come for the utterly unique experience that is Teepee&Spa.
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Winter or summer, rain or shine - you can spend splendid and restful days here any time of year. Make your temporary home in this grand space complete with beds, a bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchen and even a table for playing boardgames or sharing a drink.
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Winner of the 2019 Glamour Camping
Grill / Fire Pit
Private hot tub
Private Sauna
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Luxurious Wellness
5x 80 m2 5x

From 6,900 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

Offline and free

Disconnect from everything distracting and finally enjoy the peace of simply being with one another.

All-year joy

Don't worry, the teepee is a sturdy structure equipped with everything you need to be perfectly taken care of and happy here at any time of the year.

Into the woods

Don't forget that you are in the midst of the most beautiful nature. Head out for a walk and breathe in the fresh, clean air as deeply as you can.

Grill master

For dinner, arrange for a chef to come conjure up delicacies on the special Taranis round grill.

Wood all around

All the furnishings, both inside and outside, including the sauna and hot tub, are made of wood.

The whole gang

Bring the kids, no problem. The teepee fits up to five visitors.

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Pyskočely 32
281 63 Pyskočely
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