Ultra Premium Apartments

Experience a mystical atmosphere in one of the most luxurious apartments in the heart of Český Krumlov. Wander around the historic narrow streets and nooks and get to know the city and its beauty. There is a risk that you will not even want to leave the apartment and just enjoy the romantic time. 

How does it work there

There are three luxurious apartments from 16th century that still have the new smell. On the ground floor is a new bistro Topinka where they know the right combo of modern cuisine, first class cocktails and exceptional coffee. Concept found more frequently in Berlin or London. And why the name Topinka? The chefs focus on one of the oldest elements of dining – a slice of freshly baked bread, which they show how to take it to the next dimension. Expect a piece with almost every dish. 

Where will you sleep

Each room is better than the other. The attic apartment is the largest and offers the best view across the Vltava river towards the St. Vít cathedral. If you get chilly, crank up the Roosevelt still distillation boiler and you will be warm in no time. The terrace has a great view of the Krumlov chateau. The second apartment has a copper ceiling with cozy atmosphere. All apartments have a king size bed and a solitaire bathtub in the middle of the bedroom. 

What can you do there

If you choose the third apartment you will be the only one with access to a private garden with bathing barrel. Just put your bathing suit on and enjoy a great bath with a view of the river and a park with the beautiful Krumlov architecture in the background. Try getting up early and roam around the sleepy town. This year is perfect for it. 

What can you do there

The apartments do not have a classic reception but there is a phone number you can always dial

Breakfast and coffee are in the bistro Topinka

Are you coming by a car? The staff will get you a parking card, so you don’t have to lug your bags from far. 

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