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What gives Ubytování na Lontu its unique atmosphere? Everything, but mainly its location and the landscape of the Pálava peaks. During your stay, the local wilderness will be at your fingertips. Great bike paths, trips to lookout towers for phenomenal views, the entire Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape... what more could you want?
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Escape your everyday worries with breakfast on the terrace, an evening barbecue under the starry sky, a glass of great wine and the harmony of nature all around you. See your life from a new perspective and absorb new energy and inspiration for a long time to come.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Blooming Garden
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Baby friendly
6x 72 m2 6x

Accommodation na Lontu offers comfortable facilities in the privacy of a new wooden building, in a quiet cottage area surrounded by vineyards and a rustic garden with an ornamental pond. Suitable for couples and families with children.

From 3,360 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

Wondrous garden

The rustic, permaculture garden with more than thirty species of plants will please your eyes and soothe your soul.

Cyclists welcome

Pálava beckons you to explore its beauties on bike and luckily Ubytování na Lontu has lots of bike storage space.

Bliss for kids

It doesn't matter if your kids aren't good with silence and their antics can be heard from miles away. Let them play their hearts out on the private garden and enjoy the quiet when they fall to bed exhausted after a long day of fun and games.

Just for you

Thanks to the garden, which envelopes the entire house and leaves the neighbors nearly entirely out of sight, you can enjoy sweet peace and privacy.

Terrific terrace views

Kick your feet up, pour yourself a glass of the best South Moravian wine and delight in the views over the orchards, vineyards and forests.

Winsome in winter

Cold and snowy? Don't worry, this place holds up even in the winter months. Make good use of the small ski slopes just steps away from the house and when you get back, warm up by the fireplace.

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Němčičky ev.č. 23
691 07 Němčičky
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