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Three pine trees hold in their branching arms an enchanting wooden house. At a height above all worries, this unique treehouse invites you to into its refuge of rest and at the same time entices you into an unconventional adventure that will fulfill your childhood dreams. Fantasy is a permanent resident here - come join it.
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The treehouse stands on the edge of a cottage settlement in the popular nature reserve Stvořidla. While the humble abode is, well, humble in its amenities, you won't be lacking for a thing. Even in the colder months, an electric heater will keep you nice and toasty, making this a four-seasons retreat.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Wooden Bathtub
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Our tips

Tips for trips

For anyone who read the famous Czech author Jaroslav Foglar, the beauties of Stvořidel and Sluneční zátoka (Sunshine Bay) will take you right back into his pages. The hiking trail to the towns Ledče nad Sázavou and Světlá nad Sázavou begins a few steps from the Treehouse. In Lipnice, don't miss the flooded granite quarries, where the National Personal Surveillance Monument is located.

Forest garden

You'll fall in love with the atmosphere of the forest garden, especially once you immerse yourself in the large cedar bath, which is heated and can thus be used in any weather. When your stomach starts to growl, savory treats from the grill or sausages roasted on an open fire will do the trick.

Bring your bikes

If you are not a fan of long walks, take your bikes with you and explore the beauties of Posázaví - the area along the Sázava River. Cycling routes are but a stone's throw away.

For adults and kids alike

No good weather? No problem. The treehouse is ready to be your ideal vacation spot under all circumstances. Find lots of games and fun accessories that will keep both kids and adults out of boredom's grip.

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Horní Krupá 161
58001 Havlíčkův Brod
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