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In today's busy world, nature may seem out of reach. StromDom goes back to the roots. The local roots amidst beautiful mountain peaks are not only inspiring, but also wild, independent, viable and adventurous. And that's also a perfect description of Dva Duby. Accept the invitation to leave your worries at home for a while and enjoy the real wilderness.
Collect experiences, not things.
StromDom Dva Duby is tucked away in the treetops of two impressive oaks and it is a two-storey, independent urban work in perfect symbiosis with the surrounding nature. StromDom provides a comfortable stay for up to four adults. The spacious terrace leads into the heart of the treehouse where you'll find a cosy living zone with a glass wall behind the 'secret' door, a fully equipped kitchenette with a stove that provides warmth for the romantic atmosphere in autumn and winter.
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Winner of the 2022 Glamping
Grill / Fire Pit
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Cycling Trail
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Our tips

Amazing ambience

StromDom Dva Duby is on the north side below Sedlová skála at the elevation of 525 m. Winters are long here and with lots of snow. In summer, StromDom is an ideal shelter on hot days.

A paradise for cyclists

Dva Duby is a great location for people who like hiking and cycling! It's on the well-known hiking and cycling trail, Bajkom okolo Hrošovho vrchu, about 1 kilometre from the legendary downhill Esíčko.

Absolute comfort

StromDom provides everything you need, including an alternative shower and ecological toilet. The kitchen has a stove with an oven, a gas cooker and a fridge, so bring some food with you.

Ten local commandments

You'll be informed of the ten commandments of StromDom during your stay - we especially recommend its shorter version, which is really fun.

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96801 Nová Baňa
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