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We love buildings that tell stories and show the history. Welcome to the 110-year-old countryside school with a positive energy and the most beautiful view in the Beskids. The school is located near the dark sky park in the Beskids, in the middle of the small village of Gruň, in a beautiful pastoral countryside
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The classroom is the dominant feature of the cottage. The spacious common room with an original luxurious stove where children used to dry their clothes and teachers made fire. An old piano where they sang, a blackboard used for writing.
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Wine Cellar
Grill / Fire Pit
Private Sauna
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17x 297 m2 17x

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Our tips

An open wine cellar

The cellar was most likely used to store potatoes but it would be a pity not to use it to cool down after sauna or have a glass of tasty wine. It's stocked with excellent Czech wine from four wine-producing regions.

Oh, the Beskids

You won't find more beautiful views of the Beskids anywhere else. You can set off in all directions from the school and come across more and more lovely places. There's a ski lift near the school, so bring your skis or sleds and go down the hill.

A place for shared moments

Whether you bring your whole family or just a group of friends, the main idea of this place is to spend quality time together. You won't find a TV here, but there's a playroom for the kids, a luxurious common room where you can start the fire in the fireplace, play a board game, play the piano and enjoy the moment.

A multivan for your trip

Don't feel like travelling by car from Prague to the Beskids? You can pick up a multivan at the Ostrava railway station for your whole family or a group of friends and be at your destination in no time.

Music fans, here we come

The acoustics of the building is made for small concerts, playing the guitar, the piano or the flute. You can borrow all those instruments here for a more pleasant stay. And the sheet music? It's all around.

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Staré Hamry 58
739 15 Staré Hamry
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