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We'll let you in on a secret. In the middle of a small village not far from Nepomuk, behind an heavy wooden gate, there's an oasis of blooming flowers, tall thyme, sparkling birches, pebbly lakes and fragrant herbs. Come - experience adventurous romance and sleep in an English canvas tent.
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If you long for a pinch of adventure, if you're tempted by camping, but you're afraid of discomfort, then this is the place where your fears will fade and your dreams will come true. The wondrously comfortable English Stan Mileč is ready to win over even the most persnickety guests.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Nespresso in the Room
Blooming Garden
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2x 5 m2 2x

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Our tips


Caress your skin and ease your muscles with massage tools, enjoy the view of the peaceful water surface of the ponds, and listen to the whispering breeze in the leaves of rare trees.

Cook outside

Don't forget to start a fire and roast up a treat for your tastebuds. Add freshly picked herbs or fruit from the garden and you have yourself a true culinary triumph.

Romantic bath

In the evening, treat yourself to a hot tub under the starry night sky with a glass of sparkling wine. It's a blissful experience that will never get old.

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335 01 Nepomuk
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