Šelmberský mlýn

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Don’t expect a commercial space, conference room or luxury wellness. The philosophy of the mill is based on an experience; sitting on a log with a bottle of wine and watching the ripples on a pond, that sort of stuff. That is the owner’s idea of a good time anyway. The place is so secluded that you might even get lost, but who cares when you are in such breathtaking nature. 

How does it work there

Don’t freak out where the navigation is taking you. There is only one path through the field so just follow “the blue path”. The space is for rent only as a whole so bring your whole family with you. All of you can meet in the kitchen with an old tiled stove and you can try baking some treats. No worries that the old stove would be your only route to warm dinner, there is modern stove and oven as well. 

Where will you sleep

The mill sleeps up to 12 people. Two can crash on the ground floor in the common room on a pull out sofa, other two in a separate room with brass king size bed. On the first floor there are two triple rooms. The bathroom has a shower corner. If you are looking for some privacy for two, there is a private area where you can tuck yourselves away. 

What can you do there

There is a spacious terrace with seating and if you are in the mood for grilling, you can hang out under the seating area with a roof until you get chilly. If you are looking to see something worth seeing, take a hike to the ruins of Šelmberk castle or go for a ride to Tábor with its beautiful historic center and lots of bistros and cafes. 

What else you should know

  • The mill is closed during winter
  • You can park right in the courtyard
  • There even is Wi-Fi
  • Price for 4 people starts at 3570 czk and each additional person is 570 czk per night. 

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