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Where foxes, but also rabbits, say goodnight. RabittHut is a smog-free place with the most beautiful starry sky we have ever seen. And if you're lucky, sometimes a herd of cows will walk around you.
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It can be found in the heart of the Central Bohemian Highlands, but we will send you its location after booking to preserve your privacy. RabbitHut is entirely self-sufficient. It is not connected to networks. Fresh water will always be brought for you; the light will shine thanks to the sun.
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Grill / Fire Pit
No Wi-Fi
Wooden Bathtub
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4x 10 m2 4x

RabbitHut is a project focused primarily on your undisturbed rest and detox from today's accelerated time. We strive to find places for you where we combine design, absolute privacy, and relaxation in nature. The first such place is RabbitHut "In the Pasture".

From 3,000 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

Take a warm bath under a sky full of stars

Right in front of the hut, with a beautiful view, there is also a wooden barrel waiting for you, in which you can watch the starry sky and contemplate life.

Not just a digital detox

It may sound cliché, but apart from taking some great photos here, you don't need a phone or PC. There are so many sensations around that you will not know which one to perceive first.

Yoga and contemplation on the terrace

We did a few sun salutations here in the morning and recommend it. The terrace is magical both at dawn and at sunset.

Don't you just want to relax?

Think twice, but if you like to be more active, then a detailed hike with attractions in the area, with lots of walks and hikes, is just for you. We went on the "sunset" circuit, which was worth it!

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41201 Hlinná
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