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Some guests will really be surprised once they come to this newly opened boutique hotel Čeladná in Beskydy. There is no reception in the traditional sense, only four rooms, each completely different style and size. Breakfast is at no set time, it is up to each guest when they like to have breakfast. “For me as a designer it is very important the environment I stay in even if it is just for one or two nights”. says the owner and creator Daniela Hradilová. 


  • Bath
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Skiing
  • Wifi
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How does it work there

You will bump into Daniela and her family often but don’t worry they spend most of the day taking care of business. The large garden with lots of nooks and crannies has opened barn door or a private library ensuring complete privacy and peace. The word that best describes this place is tranquility. You can arrange a unique dinner cooked just for you by the owner. It is an experience. 

Where you will sleep

There are four modern rooms inspired by northern architecture. The rooms range in size from 36 to 75m2. Part of the room is a glass shower and solitaire sink. Don’t look for TV here, you will not find it. Since the interior is white, even the attic beams, the space is really light. Massive spruce beams are only patinated and oiled by a grey white tone. “We tried to bring into the interior as much light as possible and in the end we put into the roof these special “ox windows” says Daniela. 

What can you do there

You are not expected here to run around all day. Quite contrary, you have a great opportunity to shut off. During summer months; by a natural pool in a garden, which is a symbol of this place or with a pitcher of home-made lemonade or coffee on a sunny terrace by the house. In case the weather is bad, not even a kilometre away is one of the nicest wellness centres and a well-known restaurant. There are many fantastic golf resorts nearby and thanks to the location there are lots of bike and hiking paths


  • All rooms are smoke free.
  • Breakfast is included in price.
  • Credit cards are no problem.
  • Wi-Fi is everywhere.
  • Kids 12 and over are welcomed (upon arrangement).
  • Parking is right by the hotel.


  • Winner in the  Boutique Hotels category 2019 Winner in the Boutique Hotels category 2019
  • Winner in the  Boutique Hotels category 2018 Winner in the Boutique Hotels category 2018
  • Absolute winner for 2017 Absolute winner for 2017
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