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Have you ever wanted to experience an imperial court? Now you can! The first owner of this house was Emperor Rudolf II and as expected, you won't find a single shortcoming here - everything is perfect. Come see for yourself why this hotel was chosen among the best in Europe and the world.
Collect experiences, not things.
And the local restaurant Terasa U Zlaté studně won't disappoint either. Named "Best Restaurant in the Czech Republic" several consecutive times, it's well worth a visit. Chef Pavel Sapík will make sure that your taste buds take a deep give into the world of phenomenal gastronomy.
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Pet friendly
Homemade Breakfast
Wedding Venue
Excellent Food
Conference Room

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Cognac King

The bar in the Hotel U Zlaté Studně is a unique home to the cognac king from the house of Rémy Martin - Louis XIII. It is a mixture of more than 1,200 desillates that has matured for at least 40 years. There are only 40 restaurants in the world where this is served, each with specially trained staff.


For couples, an oil bath, a relaxing massage, and a night on rose petals awaits.

Beauties of Prague

Wander the historic streets and go whenever they take you. Or plan a route to traditional tourist destinations such as Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Pařížská street or Wenceslas Square.

Private tour

If you don't want to discover the beauties of the Czech capital on your own, book a private tour at the hotel.

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U Zlaté studně 4/166
118 00 Praha 1
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