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The luxury boutique hotel Amade Château sits approximately 50 km southeast from Bratislava. Over 100 years old, these walls could tell the secret tales of the palace, which rests on the ruins of the former residence of the noble family Amadé. The beauty of this place can hardly be explained - you've simply got to experience it for yourselves.
Collect experiences, not things.
Amade is a place of pure romance. You can feel it in the palace garden and in its impressive gloriette, or when sipping champagne on the terrace and gazing at the monumental pillars, as if preparing the scene for a Jane Austen novel to unfold.
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Winner of the 2021 Slovakia
Winner of the 2023 Slovakia
Blooming Garden
Bike / Electric Bike
Wedding Venue
Excellent Food
Luxurious Wellness
Conference Room

Our tips

Ideal whereabouts

The hotel lies on Žitný ostrov, or Rye Island, the largest river island in Europe. A true one of a kind that will steal your heart. Along with a plethora of hot water springs, the island is rich with very fertile chernozem, or black soil.

Slow food restaurant

The key is not to rush anything, to use local ingredients and to dedicate enough time to the preparation of every element. Apply this approach to your whole stay and just slow down, breathe deep and enjoy.

A little something extra

Make time for some summer entertainment at the hotel's outdoor movie theater, a ride on a horse-drawn carriage and a luxury caviar tasting. And don't worry, there's a fun program of gold mining waiting for the kids.

Everything you could want and need

And we do mean everything. A perfectly equipped wellness center, vast gardens, tennis courts, a lovely French style café, a restaurant to remember and nature abounding every which way.

Picnic? Afternoon tea? Both!

Luxuriate in a slow and drawn-out brunch and late checkout, a picnic in the palace gardens or a classic five o'clock tea.

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Dvojrad 333/2
930 25 Vrakúň
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