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The sensitive, aesthetically-minded part of your soul with a taste for architecture and design will rejoice when it sees this absolutely unique house and its garden. Both exude calm and harmony. Hide in City allows you to really connect with one another. Spend all day hanging out, lazing, soaking in the heated bathing barrel long into the night and stargazing together.
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As soon as you arrive in Vamberk, you'll get your keys to Hide in City and from this point on, it's entirely up to you how to spend your stay. Both the house and the garden provide ample space and inspiration. You'll want for nothing here - that we promise.
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Winner of the 2021 Apartments
Grill / Fire Pit
Wooden Bathtub
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Baby friendly
3x 55 m2 3x

From 4,799 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

Out for an adventure

The day is yours. Spend it in the company of books, exploring the natural surroundings or visiting the many cultural and historic sites in the area.

Sleep under a skylight

The first things you'll see in the morning will be clouds and sunshine and whatever the sky holds in store for you for the day.

Pack light

Don't worry too much about packing, just bring the essentials and come get lost in the town.

Infinite bookshelves

Take full advantage of the beautiful bookshelves that reach as high as the ceiling and then curl up in the comfy window seat, from where you'll have the best view of the neighboring ruins, which will transport you to ancient Rome.

Who will catch the trout?

No need to bring groceries - just grab the fishing pole and head out to the garden to catch your grub for the night from the fish pool.

Do nothing

You don't even have to make the bed - it's up in the loft, so the sight of messy bedding won't bother you during the day.

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Husovo náměstí 322
517 54 Vamberk
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