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From 3750.00 Kč
per night
Stop, breathe, relax. Not far from the beautiful spa town of Luhačovice, and tucked out of sight and away from any commotion, a seemingly futuristic abode actually offers a return to nature. Leave your worries, emails and deadlines at home. Come clear your head and calm your mind.
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Wake up with sun rays dancing across the duvet in the morning and start your day with fresh coffee from the Luhačovice roastery. You'll be treated to a royal breakfast made from local ingredients, which you can enjoy even more on the terrace overlooking the scenic meadows and hills.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Homemade Breakfast
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Baby friendly

Our tips

Reach out and touch the sky

Once you're tucked into bed under the large skylight, let a thousands twinkling stars bid you goodnight.

Breakfast of champions

Enjoy a delicious royal breakfast made from local ingredients.

Spa town Luhačovice

Not far from the little house, the spa town of Luhačovice is waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Futuristic abode

This little house will serve as a refuge full of pleasant surprises, versatile equipment, practicality and cozy design.

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Uherskobrodská 974
763 26 Luhačovice
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