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Built in 1876, this traditional cottage in the heart of the Jizerské Mountains was home to a family of glassmakers for over 100 years. In 2020, the cottage underwent a complete renovation, which stayed true to the history of the cottage, making use of original materials and paying careful attention to every last detail. 
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Chalupa Sklářská is ideal for a variety of guests, from families with kids to sporting groups. When you arrive, the owners will greet you and give you a tour. They’ll gladly share the cottage’s history with you, as well as tips for trips in the area. All spaces on the ground floor - the great common room, a bedroom and the bathroom - are enhanced with in-floor heating, while all bedrooms on the first floor are heated with stylish cast-iron radiators. The cottage is missing a TV on purpose - relax and enjoy your time here without the distraction.
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A traditional cottage in the centre of the Jizera Mountains, only 5 kilometres away from Protržená Water Reservoir and 10 kilometres away from the Jizerka hamlet. A place for family reunions, trips with friends and sports, from bikes to skis.

From 5,000 Kč

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Our tips

Glassmaking tradition

From 1876, the cottage belonged to a family of glassmakers - and yet the current proprietors are only the second owners of the house! Several craftsman elements have been preserved, which you are surely to appreciate.

To the lookouts!

During your nature walks, visit one of the four nearby lookouts and lavish in the beautiful views across the Jizerské and Krkonoše mountains. And let us know which one you liked best!

For hedonists and adventurers

Stretch out on the terraced garden behind the cottage. Listen as the forest trees rustle in the wind and the brook burbles down below. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a cold water swim in the crystalline mountain water.

Tiny house for two

If need be, you can also rent the small maisonette apartment Domeček for two, which directly neighbors the cottage.

Bikes and skis

A bike path leads directly from the cottage to the Protržená Přehrada (the Ruptured Dam). In the winter, a cross country skiing trail follows the same direction to the Jizerská magistrála. Ski enthusiasts can also head out to the slopes in Tanvaldský Špičák or Albrechtice.

Nature all around

The cottage sits just 5 km from the Protržená Přehrada and just 10 km from the hamlet Jizerka. On one side you’ll have a forest, on the other the mountain stream Bílá Desná.

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