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Fořtovna resides in the hamlet Drážďany, in the western part of the Bohemian-Moravian highlands, near the historic town of Kamenice nad Lipou. Anyone seeking privacy, relaxation, peace, safety and nature close at hand will find their bliss here, where calm is the order of the day and the forest is the backyard.
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The guesthouse is comprised of the renovated original hájovna (gamekeeper's lodge) and the adjoining farmstead, which together create an enclosed courtyard. The entire complex is encircled by a vast garden with seating, where you can relax as you wait for your succulent dinner to cook on the grill.
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Grill / Fire Pit
Blooming Garden
Bike / Electric Bike
Outdoor / Indoor Playground
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Our tips

Unspoiled nature

Take advantage of Fořtovna's locale, where tourists are scarce and the unspoiled nature is beautiful. Walking, hiking, biking - just being outside in any form is a delight here.

Cast the line

If you are interested in fishing, there are many small ponds in the area where private fishing in permitted.

Bikes, skis, endless fun

Rent bikes or skis directly in the guesthouse, and take advantage of the many board games on rainy days.

Castles and palaces

History buffs will be thrilled to visit Kamenice nad Lipou and Žirovnice, as well as Kámen Castle and Roštejn Castle. If you are on holiday with the little rascals, spend a day with them in Kamenice nad Lipou at the Hračkobraní toy festival or the theme park Pohádková říše Fábula.

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Častrov 49
394 63 Častrov
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