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Wrocław undoubtedly belongs to Poland's must-see places. One of Poland's oldest cities is spread over twelve islands connected by over a hundred bridges and footbridges. Add to this the monumental Gothic architecture, the boats on the Oder and the rich cultural mosaic, and the comparison with Venice is no great exaggeration. Beautiful, historic, but also modern and fresh... we could find countless adjectives, but it will be much more exciting and fun if you discover your own!
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The Exclusive Aparthotel Marina owes its genius loci to its superb location overlooking the Oder River. So when the light gently sways on the walls of your room in the morning, reflecting off the river's surface, and you order breakfast directly to your room and watch the city waking up from your room's balcony, you've got a great start to the day. Thanks to the hotel's excellent location, a pleasant 10-15 minute walk will take you to the fabulous Wroclaw Square or the historic and magnificent "Ostrow Tumski", the city's cradle.
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Our tips

Restaurant with a view

Right next to the hotel complex, you can choose from five award-winning restaurants and enjoy local specialities overlooking the river.

The Dwarf Phenomenon

Walking through the city, you will often come across small dwarf figures, which have become an informal symbol of the city and, according to legend, have even built an underground town here. There are dozens of them; let's see if you can count them all.

Cultural 360° degrees

Any time of year, Wrocław's cultural opportunities are endless - from festivals of various genres and focuses to concerts and exhibitions to museums, of which there is a record number in Wrocław, and they certainly will not disappoint.

Explore a common history

Historically, the city was also shaped to a large extent by Czechs and Germans - the city's very name is derived from the name of the Czech prince Vratislav I, and the city's coat of arms features a Czech lion.

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Ul. Księcia Witolda 2
50-202 Wrocław
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