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The hitherto undiscovered landscape of Holanské rybníky, or Dutch Ponds, is full of beautiful surprises. Chata u Jezera - the Cottage by the Lake, is one of them. For the owners Petra and Tonda, it was love at first sight with this place. And we can't say we're at all surprised. During a walk through the area, the cottage enchanted them in its original form and now, after their thoughtful renovation, it's a real showstopper.
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The cottage comfortably accommodates four guests and you'll have it all for yourself. We spent a good deal of our time here happily snuggled by the fireplace, but in the summer, the beautiful spacious terrace with views of the Milčanský ponds will be your favorite spot. Those who like to cook with delight in the stylish kitchen and just about everyone will enjoy the large dining table, which is simply made for long breakfasts till noon.
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All year round, the area offers countless trips near and far. We liked to walk around the Dutch Ponds and watch the sunset at the Dolanský pond. But it's also definitely worth taking a trip to Kalvárie nad Úštěkem or to the romantic walks by nearby Ploučnice.

Float along

Don't forget to rent a boat and head onto the lake, from where you'll appreciate the cottage from a completely different perspective.

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Hostíkovice 71
470 02 Holany
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