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In the middle of a picturesque Šumava village, the owners Vlkovi created a place to which guests keep returning, again and again. This magical cottage with a spacious garden and friendly animal inhabitants is the perfect refuge for the whole family.
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Two cozy rooms will welcome you for nights of deep sleep on mattresses so comfortable that your eyes will shut as you as your head hits the pillow. But it's hard to say whether the bed or the quiet and slow pace that prevails in the village is to thank. And during the waking hours, the friendly owners will take care of your maximal comfort.
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Wine Cellar
Homemade Breakfast
Blooming Garden
Baby friendly
Cycling Trail
Service from the Owners
6x 95 m2 6x

Stylish accommodation in the countryside.

From 3,100 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

Tranquil garden

Let the green oasis behind the cottage be your zen space. Take a book and disappear with nothing but flowers, shrubs and trees for company. Breathe the wonderful smells and listen to the happy buzzing - the sound of life.

Hens, goats and donkeys

Your kids will love it here - as long as they aren't afraid of animals.

Breakfast makes the day

Cold, warm, sweet, savoury... prepared exclusively with local products! That's breakfast made by the owners themselves. Kaiserschmarrn, pancakes, crepes, three eggs served in a glass, ham and eggs, scrambled eggs... all you need to do is choose!

Terrace aromas

Whatever the weather, grill up something yummy from local products. The owners will be happy to give you a few tips.

Active rest

This is one of the most beautiful regions, so don't miss out on opportunities to go cycling or hiking. And when it's mushroom season, grab a basket and enjoy the joy of a simple, slow, meditative activity.

Shopping for the fridge

Local products are a must! If you'd like to taste a little bit of everything, the owners will be happy to go shopping for you. You'll find cow's milk cheese, fresh goat and cow's milk, smoked meat and pâté from a nearby butcher, chicken and quail eggs from their own farm.

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Chlumany 61
384 22 Vlachovo Březí
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