Chalupa Sokolík

Do you feel like you need to recharge and escape the city? Do you want to go to nature, yet stay in a modern place? Then the Sokolík cottage in Vysočina near Žďárské vrchy is the perfect place for you. Such a peaceful space with lots of sporting options, little bit of relaxation and lots of fun. 

Price from8500 CZK Building /night

How does it work here

The Sokolík cottage is great for families with kids, company events or parties. There is a private room that fits twenty people ideal for these events. There also is of course a spacious kitchen, dining room and a play room where you can have a tournament in ping pong or electric darts. 

Where will you sleep

You can stay in a double room with a balcony that has a great view into the garden. If you come with whole bunch of people, then you can probably use rooms with bunk beds that sleep six. All rooms have massive wood elements, yet very light and airy. The total capacity of the whole cottage is twenty people. There are two large bathrooms; one on the ground floor with shower corner and the other on the second floor with large tub. 

What can you do there

If you want to stick around, we guarantee you that you will not be bored. In summer, you can lay by the pool, play soccer, badminton or basketball at the court. In the evening you can sit under a pergola with its own kitchen, grill, smoke house and beer bar. The jukebox is a cherry on top. If you are chilly, you can warm your body up in the Finish sauna with beautiful view of nature or slip into the jacuzzi. 

  • High speed Wi-Fi is available everywhere
  • Parking is right in the courtyard
  • Kids’ playground with trampoline and swings
  • The cottage is perfect for hosting baccalaureate parties

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