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The name gives away the location. Between forests, fields and ponds, with no other signs of civilization nearby, just beautiful nature all around. But don’t expect a decrepit old hut - in fact, expect the polar opposite. This new build with features of the original farmstead offers a clean and modern take on accommodation for over 50 guests. 
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Enjoy the collective atmosphere of the common living space, where you can sit and lounge. The kitchen and dining area is ideal for cooking together and gathering over great food. But don’t worry about not having any privacy - there are endless spots where you can hide away and enjoy a moment for yourself.
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Our tips


The building was reconstructed in a clean and fresh style, with wooden furniture, eye-catching features and a net for playing and hanging out between floors.

Sweet smells of sizzling savory goodies

The terrace is equipped with a grill, so come prepared, marinate your meats or veggies of choice and enjoy an evening gathered over the grill, set to a soundtrack of the surrounding nature’s hum.

Beautiful bathrooms

All rooms come complete with an ensuite bathroom. And these aren’t any old bathrooms - they are truly unique, not least because of the colorful mozaik tile features.

Paradise for kids

Hojšín is a place where the kids will feel at home, but without feeling infantilized in any way.

Dogs welcome

One of the few places where you can bring your four-legged friends - we bet they’ll be thrilled to enjoy your holiday by your side.

All in one

If you reserve Samota as a whole, you’ll get everything that it has to offer - the main building, cottage, tree stand, sauna and all common spaces.

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Hojšín 4
25786 Neustupov
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