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Anyone who has crossed the threshold of the Old Town Prague Apartment by Chateau Mcely has been immediately awed by the satiny, hand-painted wallpaper depicting a forest scene. Many a guest has said: “I wish I lived here,” before seeing anything more than the kitchen. Treat yourself with a stay in this elegant apartment, which will satisfy even the most hard to please guests.
Collect experiences, not things.
This 180 square meter apartment was created as a liaison between Chateau Mcely and historic Prague, so that guests could experience the magic of both places. Like a castle, this apartment radiates timeless design in every nook and cranny, and deftly plays with luxurious materials, colors and light. The entire space is wondrously photogenic and emanates an almost untouchable air.
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In city
Historical city centre
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Our tips

For guests of Chateau Mcely

Take advantage of the apartment as a layover point for your international wedding guests on their way to celebrate your special day in Mcely.

Luxury in its purest form

We are sure you will appreciate the large bright space, exclusive furniture, Moser glass, and honest natural materials, which add a unique charm.

A pleasant atmosphere

Despite the luxury, you'll soon feel like you're staying at an old friend’s.


The apartment is ideal for accommodating important business partners; for presenting business plans, services or new products; for hosting small conferences and significant meetings. It can also host a women's dream day, a workshop or a lecture. If you need a space you elevate your event, look no further.

Even for Prague locals

Take a break from your home in favor of this old town address and try out what it's like to live on a street where you wake up to the sound of horse hooves on the cobblestones and a view of the most exquisite buildings of your native city.

A generous space

The apartment is 180 m2.

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Give your loved ones an adventure in one of more than 300 amazing places by purchasing a luxurious voucher. The voucher can then be used to pay for your booking.
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U Staré školy 1
110 00 Praha
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