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From 3,450 Kč
per night
Do you want to be James Bond or Audrey Hepburn? Do you want a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience? Almost anything is possible at the Anybody hotel.
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Where you spend the night, and thus who you become, will be determined by your choice of room. You have ten options, each designed and decorated according to its inspiration movie. Stay in the middle of a lush and tangled jungle or in romantic Rome.
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Winner of the 2019 Hotels
Nespresso in the Room
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Adult only
In city
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Our tips

Hot romance

Pack a good mood and be ready for something that you’ve never experienced before. Enjoy ever moment. Relish the unrepeatable.

Morning in style

Use your breakfast vouchers and visit one of the nearby establishments. Whether you’re keen on an elegant café or a trendy bistro, there’s something for everyone and every taste.

How does the game work?

With the help of an audio guide, actors will lead you through the story and thematic props will enable you to experience the given film.

No two rooms alike

Each room is a different story. Step into another reality by becoming one of the film characters in the role-playing game.

Sumptuous bed

If you happen to decide to spend the night actually sleeping, you'll be enveloped by the most plush and comfortable mattress atop a continental bed.

Zelný trh

Anybody is part of Zelný trh (Cabbage Market), a square in the center of historic Brno, home to the city’s best culinary scene and traditional street farmer’s market.

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Zelný trh 10
60200 Brno
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