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The house on wheels looks as if it has always stood in the Vysočina landscape, yet that is not the case. Nor will it be forever more. But for now, it provides refuge for up to four lodgers in a secluded spot, far from everything. Come for romance under the bright starry sky, for views of rolling countryside hills and meadows, for slow mornings with cups hot coffee and beautiful days ahead.
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It's the nights that are truly generous here. Thanks to the absence of light pollution, you'll experience the sky in a way that is but a dream in the city. Stargaze through the skylight above the double bed till you drift into a sweet sleep. You'll find another one on the next floor, which provides just as lovely a view.
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4x 16 m2 4x

Glamping in Zašívárna is comfortable camping in nature. Zašívárna can accommodate up to 4 people; it has two double beds, one on the sleeping floor. With its custom-designed plywood furniture inside, guests will find everything they need - a small fridge, stove and sink.

From 3,000 Kč

1 nights


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Our tips

In harmony with nature

Hide away in the middle of forests and meadows and enjoy a place without wifi and without light pollution. Just be yourself, be together, and be free.

Fire glow

And when you get hungry, roast something yummy on the open fire - the fire pit is right by the house - and enjoy the warmth and grace of the dancing flames in the dark.

Thoughtful consumption

Zašívárna works on an offgrid principle - it's not connected to any public network. The available electricity needs to be consumed economically, but it can easily manage the small fridge, lights and charging your mobile phones. What else do you need, anyway?

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Polom 1
59265 Sulkovec
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